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Keep The Faith

Thursday, March 3, 2016
Zephyr Lounge
11:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Are you fed up of the post-electric shock therapy bumping and grinding of new-age nightlife? Do you find yourself itching to swing your hips or move your feet beyond the imaginary square you’re obliged to shuffle in?

Then look no further. 11pm, Thursday Week 8 heralds a new dawn. For one night only, step back into the age of the golden dance floor, where the DJ ruled ok, the dancers ruled king and the music played god. Come on down to the Zephyr Lounge and find yourself bopping feverishly to a Rockin’ and Rollin’ Little Richard. Find yourself dropping elastically to the sultry sounds of a Northern Soulful Mr. Frankie Wilson. Raise your hands in worship and skank your heart out to Ska royalty.

Oldies all night (until 3am). Be there or literally, be square.

4 Quid Before Midnight, 5 Squids After